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Organization of medical events 

Media Kazakhstan provides a full package of services at all stages of preparation and conduct of scientific congresses, conferences, symposia, including:

  • choice of venue, if the event takes place offline or in a hybrid format;
  • drawing up of the event program;
  • notification of speakers, lecturers and participants, sending out invitations;
  • sending information to potential and registered participants by mail or SMS/WhatsApp (you can be sure that all registered participants of the event will be aware of the news ahead of, during and after the event).
  • formation of a database of registered participants for the client;
  • creating a landing page with the event details;
  • meeting and hotel accommodation of speakers and participants from other cities and countries;
  • technical support for speakers, participants before, during and after the event;
  • arranging for the event broadcast (via several channels), providing simultaneous translation where necessary;
  • engagement and support of sponsoring companies;
  • issuance of certificates, conducting surveys among participants;
  • provision of printed matter production services at customer’s request: booklets, flyers and guides, branding products, bags, etc.

The company has organized many scientific events in the cities of Kazakhstan.

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